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NEWS Last modified on January 16, 2015

Los Angeles approves runway contract project

Los Angeles board of commissioners has approved a €21.8 million contract to Griffith/Coffman for the joint venture for the Runway 6L-24R Safety Area Rehabilitation Project at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

This signals the start of a three-year runway construction project as the federal government requires US airports to improve the runway safety area (RSA).

The mandated improvements will provide an extra margin of safety for landing and departing aircraft. RSAs provide a buffer zone should an aircraft overshoot, overrun or veer off a runway while landing or taking off, and are typically 1,000 feet by 500 feet at each runway end and 250 feet from the runway centreline.

Pmprovements are needed for Runways 6R-24L and 6L-24R on the north airfield, and for Runway 7L-25R on the south airfield, and minor improvements are needed to bring Runway 7R-25L into compliance.

RSA work will result in the phased closure of each runway during the three-year construction period.

The airport says passengers will begin experiencing impacts as soon as this summer, such as delays or a slight increase in wait times aboard aircraft.

Closure of LAX runways for all work, RSA and/or maintenance, is scheduled from March 2015 through to June 2018.

Operator Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has completed RSA work at LA/Ontario International and Van Nuys airports, Southern California facilities owned and operated by the airport authority.

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