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NEWS Last modified on January 16, 2015

Newquay passenger numbers surge by 20% in 2014

Traffic at Newquay Cornwall Airport continued to grow in the final quarter of the year with over 43,400 travellers using the airport compared with the same period in 2013, an increase of 31%.

In 2014, the gateway handled 36,500 more passengers compared to 2013 with over 220,000 using the airport to travel from the South West across the UK and Europe, as well as facilitating thousands of visitors flying into the county.

Passengers numbers in 2014 were up 20% on the previous year, and the strong performance was mainly due to high demand and usage of the daily services to and from Newquay to Gatwick and Manchester as well as the summer services operating between Newquay, Birmingham and Liverpool being extremely popular.

Growth was boosted by more Flybe routes to Stansted, and 2015 is set to see more, and new routes include a service to Dublin with Aer Lingus in May operating up to five times per week.

Al Titterington, Newquay managing director, comments: “The growth in passenger numbers and destinations in 2014 was extremely encouraging and demonstrates that with an improving economy we continue to see a positive growth profile at the airport.

“With new destinations added to the flight schedule, regional connectivity was bolstered and worldwide travel options opened up via airline partnerships offering convenient flights from hubs at Manchester, Gatwick and Birmingham.

“2015 passenger forecasts show further growth in passenger numbers as we have added new destinations such as Dublin and Stansted and continue in discussions with a number of airlines which we hope will add further destinations to be flown from the airport.

Our full summer schedule will offer convenient direct flights to Cornwall from across the UK, Ireland and Germany, which is vital in supporting the Cornish economy.”

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