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NEWS Last modified on January 19, 2015

Positive year in 2014 for Hamburg

Hamburg Airport says it took advantage of the positive economic environment in 2014, to make 2014 into a success.

The gateway says positive development of the airlines, providing Hamburg with a variety-filled route network, further energised the market, and compared to the previous year, Hamburg recorded 9.3% passenger growth, resulting in a total of 14.76 million passengers for the year.

The number of aircraft movements grew by 7% over the previous year to a total of 153,876.

This was put down to efficient utilisation of aircraft in the form of a high load factor, the number of aircraft movements is at the same level as it was in 1997, when only eight million passengers passed through Hamburg Airport.

The number of travellers per flight averages 107, compared to 71 passengers per flight in 1997.

Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, points to the success in the airport's chosen path in terms of the development of the noise situation. "Larger and more modern aircraft, with better load factors, have a positive effect on noise pollution in the surrounding area.

"Compared to 1997, the result for last year was 35% less noise with 70% more passengers and the same number of aircraft movements. These are quite impressive numbers."

On average, 40,000 passengers passed through Hamburg Airport each day in 2014, with a daily average of 420 aircraft movements (210 take-offs and 210 landings).

Eggenschwiler continues: "2014 went very well for the airport, in terms of both passenger numbers and commercial performance. Hamburg Airport is an established key component in the route networks of many airlines, and we are sure there will be more joining them.

"We are thus able to offer our passengers a good selection of airlines and a comprehensive route network."

Germanwings, easyJet, Germania, Iberia and Intersky are increasing destinations and flight frequencies from Hamburg in 2015, which looks set to be an even busier year.

Eggenschwiler is looking forward to the sustainable development of the airport with confidence: “In 2015, we aim to see 15 million passengers. We continue to offer our passengers the attractive blend of business and holiday destinations that they have come to know and appreciate.

“And we are also looking forward to the first deployment of the whisper-quiet A320neo from Hamburg this year, around 6 dB(A) quieter when passing overhead. It is one of our highest priorities at Hamburg Airport to motivate the airlines to use modern aircraft to and from Hamburg.”

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