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NEWS Last modified on January 20, 2015

Vienna Airport forecasting traffic rise in 2015

Vienna Airport is forecasting its passenger traffic numbers will rise by up to 2% and net profit to reach at least €85 million in 2015, reports claim.

Reuters reported the estimates, and also says the gateway is to also hire more security staff.

Despite strike-related cancellations, a weak economic climate and crises in Russia and the Middle East dampening travel to its airport in the current quarter, the new year will see more routes and aircraft movements.

Cargo in December jumped by 9%, but there was a 0.2% decline in passenger numbers in the month, which was offset over the whole year.

Vienna Airport's 2014 passenger numbers were up 2.2% at 22.5 million and cargo rose 8.3% compared with a year earlier, the airport says.

The Austrian hub will publish its full-year results for 2014 on March 2.

Reuters says Vienna will hire up to 100 more security personnel, equating to about 2.3% more employees, because of heightened global security concerns after jihadis killed 17 people in an attack in Paris this month.

About 1,200 had been in charge of security for passengers, and the new personnel will mainly be deployed on luggage-checking duties, the report says.

Reuters also says Vienna Airport, which is a centre for flight connections to eastern Europe, is working closely with Austria's interior ministry and the police, which have also increased their presence at the airport.

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