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NEWS Last modified on January 26, 2015

Abu Dhabi’s MTB project taking shape

Abu Dhabi Airports’ board of directors carried out a site visit to the Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) last week to review the progress made on the future gateway to the capital city.

The tour was led by H.E. Ali Majed Al Mansoori, chairman of Abu Dhabi Airports, joined by members of the board, and members from the company’s executive and project team.

Al Mansoori, says: “The year 2015 is destined to be a defining year for Abu Dhabi Airports. Last year Abu Dhabi International Airport registered 20% increase in traffic, which translated into 20 million passengers passing through its terminals.

“In 2015 we will witness further growth with a record 24 million passengers forecasted to pass through Abu Dhabi International Airport. In parallel, the Midfield Terminal Building will register the achievement of several key milestones this year as the building structure takes its eventual form.”

Al Mansoori continues: “Our board of directors and I wanted to start this year by observing the remarkable progress being made in the delivery of this iconic building and, as always, I am proud of what we have witnessed.

‘With 99% of steel works completed on all four piers, the building structure has become a visible landmark from the air and the ground, for both passengers flying in and out of Abu Dhabi as well as residents driving by.


“This achievement has allowed us to start the building enclosure around the piers, which will enable the building structure to take its final shape during the course of 2015.”

The MTB has four piers that accommodate 65 stands in total, and the longest pier stretches over 500 metres with all four piers using a total of 13,300 tonnes of steel.

The building enclosure includes the glass works for the curtain walling and roofing works, which will consume 175,000sqm of glass for the curtain walling and 260,000sqm of aluminium for the roof.

The MTB is one of the world’s largest passenger terminals that will house the latest technologies available worldwide, including a tote-based baggage handling system (BHS) that is capable of handling 19,000 bags per hour.

Commenting on the progress in the BHS system, Al Mansoori, says: “We are seeing today a fast advancement in the installation of the baggage handling system, which is considered the heart of any airport operation.

“The BHS is situated below the departure level in the central processing area of the MTB, and is progressing in parallel with the mechanical and electrical works for the entire building, which will be completed by Q4 2016.”

Alongside the MTB, works on the airfield and terminal taxiway are witnessing similar progress.


Al Mansoori, adds: “Today we start the ground works on the automated people mover (APM) tunnel that will connect the MTB to the future terminal buildings at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

“This is a key strategic milestone for Abu Dhabi Airports as it paves the way for future growth of aviation within the Emirate and the region, beyond 2017. We are also in the midst of completing the piling works for the primary road, which will connect the MTB to the main Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway.

“The MTB is the cornerstone of a broader plan to transform Abu Dhabi International Airport and accomplish our aim of becoming a global transportation hub. As it continues to take shape, with evidence of progress visible on a daily basis, the achievement of that objective draws ever closer.

“More and more people are choosing Abu Dhabi as their preferred location for business, holidays and transit and we are determined to ensure that their experience when they arrive and depart more than meets the standards the modern traveller has come to expect.”

The MTB at Abu Dhabi International Airport is set to be opened in 2017, and the development is expected to cost around $3 billion.

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