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NEWS Last modified on January 26, 2015

Helsinki posts record traffic numbers in 2014

Nearly 16 million passengers travelled via Helsinki Airport last year which was an all-time high for the Finnish gateway.

The airport explains the new record-breaking numbers were reached especially because of increased number of passengers on international flights, while domestic travel has also seen a recovery.

The number of travellers increased by 4.4% in 2014 compared to 2013, and at the end of December a total of 15.9 million passengers had flown via Helsinki.

This means an increase of 670,000 passengers from the previous year, and the passenger volume in international air traffic increased by 4.6% and in domestic air traffic 3.1%.

The number of transit passengers increased by 5.3% and amounted to 2.5 million.

Senior vice president, director of airport network, sales and marketing, Joni Sundelin, of Finavia, says: “Despite the economic slowdown in Asia, demand for air transport is growing. Helsinki Airport has further strengthened its position in the stiff competition amongst transit airports.

“We are preparing to serve our travellers ever better, and expect the volume of transit passengers to keep growing this year. Expansion of the airport, which started last year, aims at increased capacity as well as better passenger experience with improved services and more flexible processes,"

Most Asian transit passengers arrived at Helsinki from South Korea, Japan and China, and travel to Middle East is also busier than ever.

A total of 19,691,593 passengers (19,005,003 in 2013) travelled via all Finavia's airports last year, which is 3.6% more than in 2013, and of these, domestic passengers accounted for 26% and 74% of the passengers traveled on international flights.

The amount of commercial aviation landings fell again last year to 115,263, which was 1.5% less than the year before, and as passenger numbers have not decreased, the airport says it means that air transport is more efficient as the aircraft are bigger and they carry more passengers.

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