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NEWS Last modified on January 26, 2015

San Diego reaches highest traffic mark since 2007

San Diego International Airport served a record 18.7 million passengers in 2014, the highest total since 2007, and also set new records for total passenger boarding and international travellers.

Last year’s total of 18,756,997 passengers exceeded the previous record of 18,326,734 set in 2007 by 2.3%, and for the year, passenger totals in 2014 increased by 5.9% over 2013.

San Diego also served 672,972 international passengers in 2014, a 7.2% increase over 2013, and the third consecutive year it had a record-breaking increase in this category.

In another important category, San Diego also set a record for total enplanements, or departing passengers, in 2014 with 9,383,793; a 2.3% rise over the previous record set in 2007.

Thella F. Bowens, president and CEO of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, says: "By virtually any passenger metric, San Diego International Airport has seen exceptionally strong and steady growth in recent years.

“Our goal has always been to offer more and better air travel options, and to make flying in and out of San Diego as convenient as possible. These numbers show that our efforts are bearing fruit.”

Bowens attributed the increases to a number of factors, including increasing the number of non-stop flights, new routes and destinations, enhancements of airport and airline capacity, and a steady improvement in the economy.

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