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NEWS Last modified on January 28, 2015

Lambert-St. Louis registers traffic decline in 2014

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport served 12,384,015 passengers in 2014, a 1.5% decrease in total traffic versus 2013.

Departures for the year were down 1.6% or 6.2 million, while arriving passenger traffic was down 1.4%, or 6.14 million this year.

The slight decline in year-over-year passenger activity the gateway says is strongly linked to the first quarter when a number of winter storms across the US caused widespread cancellations.

Lambert-St. Louis says an example of this was in January 2014, when passenger activity dropped 6.5%, mostly due to flight cancellations.

Commissioners chairwoman, Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, explains: “Even though St. Louis was hit with a few storms, the real decline was linked to weather that caused major disruptions along the eastern seaboard.

“As we look to 2015, we already see positive passenger service developments with new non-stop service starting to Austin, TX, Portland, OR, and Fort Dodge, IA.”

In 2014, Southwest Airlines recorded a market share of 50.4% for passengers served at Lambert. American airlines recorded a 14.4% followed by Delta with 13.9%of passenger traffic.

Lambert-St. Louis recorded 183,930 aircraft operations (landings and departures) in 2014 consisting of all aircraft types: airlines, general aviation, military or other, which is down 2.3% on 2013.

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