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NEWS Last modified on January 28, 2015

Göteborg Landvetter awarded highest environmental level

For the fifth consecutive year, Göteborg Landvetter Airport has been certified with the highest level according to the global standard for its efforts to reduce the airport’s carbon emissions.

The Swedish gateway, which is operated by Swedavia, has been awarded Level 4 Neutrality in the global Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

This is the fifth year in a row that Gothenburg Landvetter has reached the highest level of certification and means the airport is completely carbon neutral in respect of carbon emissions generated from its own operations.

The gateways says this highest level is further proof that Göteborg Landvetter is actively working with other companies at the airport to reduce even their CO2 emissions.

Environmental manager, Maria Gelin, says: “We continue our urgent efforts to reach our target of zero fossil carbon dioxide emissions by 2020. This shows that we are on the right track and that we are world leaders. It strengthens us face negotiation of new environmental permit in March.”

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