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NEWS Last modified on January 29, 2015

Calgary Airport Authority invests in new taxi facility

The Calgary Airport Authority has introduced a new taxi-staging facility at Calgary International Airport (YYC).

The 3,400 square foot building was developed as a multi-functional facility in consultation with the current on-demand taxi and sedan service provider at the Canadian airport.

The new building features an open lunch room with lots of natural light and plenty of tables and seating, and it offers taxi drivers a great space for relaxation and an opportunity to recharge while they are working at Canada’s third busiest airport.

“The taxi-staging building will be a welcome addition for taxi drivers, who are here to serve the millions of passengers that travel through Calgary every year,” says Shawnah Whittaker, general manager, ground transportation and parking for the authority.

Taxis and sedans serve thousands of customers at the airport every day, and more than 1,700 outbound trips are made by taxis daily, along with approximately 300 daily outbound trips made by sedan drivers.

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