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NEWS Last modified on February 16, 2015

ACI reveals the world's most customer friendly airports

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport in Mauritius (Best Airport in Africa), Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport (Best in Europe) and Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan (Best in Middle East) are a few of the new gateways to be honoured in ACI’s 2014 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) customer satisfaction survey.

Other new additions to the customer service hall of fame include Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (Best by Size in the 25-40mppa category), Russia’s St Petersburg–Pulkovo Airport (Best Improvement in Europe) and Las Américas International Airport in the Dominican Republic (Best Improvement in Latin-America).

There were also three new winners in regional categories for airports handling less than 2mppa – Culiacán International Airport in Mexico (Latin-America), Murcia–San Javier Airport in Spain (Europe) and Victoria International Airport (North America).


Customer service kings Incheon International Airport, which was named best airport in the world for seven successive years before ACI decided to discontinue the category in 2012, retained its Best in Asia-Pacific title.

Other airports to remain top of the pile in their own categories included Indianapolis (Best in North America), Haikou (Best handling 5-15mppa), Seoul Gimpo (Best handling 15-25mppa), Kolkata (Best Improvement in Asia-Pacific), San Antonio (Best Improvement North America), Upington (Best in Africa handling fewer than 2mppa) and Langkawi (Best in Asia-Pacific handling fewer than 2mppa).

The ASQ survey is recognised as being the industry’s most comprehensive passenger service benchmarking tool as it is based on passenger feedback from check-in through departure at the gate at more than 300 airports worldwide. 

These awards represent passengers’ views on 34 key service indicators and are an objective and accurate indicator of the top worldwide performing airports with regard to passenger service.

Helsinki Timetables

“Airports are more than simply points of departure and arrival,” says ACI World’s director general, Angela Gittens. “They are complex businesses in their own right.

“As such, a focus on serving the passenger has become increasingly important to ensuring success.

“In the fast-changing landscape of worldwide aviation, ASQ is the key to understanding how to increase passenger satisfaction and improve business performance.

“At the end of the day, good business acumen comes down to a simple equation: better service, improved traffic and a healthier bottom line.”

The ASQ Awards are presented in four categories: Best Airport by Region, Best Airport by Size, Best Small Airport and Best Improvement.

“I see many airports on the 2014 top performers list that have made the cut year in and year out,” adds Gittens.

“It’s particularly satisfying to know that the benefits of the ASQ programme are long-term and far-reaching. Likewise, there are a number of new faces, effectively proving that ASQ has something to offer every airport, whether well-versed in passenger satisfaction or just beginning the journey toward customer service excellence.”


ASQ winners – 2014


Best Airport by Region


1. Mauritius

2. Durban

3. Cape Town

4. Johannesburg

5. Nairobi


1. Seoul Incheon

2. Singapore

3. Beijing

4. Haikou

5. New Delhi


1. Keflavik

2. Moscow Sheremetyevo

3. Porto

4. Malta

5. Zurich

Latin America-Caribbean

1. Guayaquil

2. Quito

3. Cancun

4. Nassau

5. Santo Domingo

Middle East

1. Amman

2. Abu Dhabi

3. Tel Aviv

4. Doha

5. Dubai

North America

1. Indianapolis

2. Tampa

3. Jacksonville

4. Sacramento

5. Ottawa



Best Airport by Size

2–5 million passengers

1. Guayaquil

2. Mauritius

3. Ottawa

4. Nassau

5. Ahmedabad

5–15 million passengers

1. Haikou

2. Sanya

3. Hyderabad

4. Tianjin

5. Changchun

15–25 million passengers

1. Seoul Gimpo

2. Wuhan

3. Hangzhou

4. Cancun

5. Tampa

25–40 million passengers

1. New Delhi

2. Taipei Taoyuan

3. Chongqing

4. Shanghai Hongqiao

5. Mumbai

Over 40 million passengers

1. Seoul Incheon

2. Singapore

3. Beijing

4. Shanghai Pudong

5. Hong Kong



Best Small Airport by Region  (fewer than 2mppa)







Latin America-Caribbean


North America




Best Improvement by Region 






St. Petersburg

Latin America-Caribbean

Santo Domingo

Middle East


North America

San Antonio


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