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NEWS Last modified on February 20, 2015

Auckland Airport unveils new duty free operators

Auckland Airport has announced that its duty free offering will be provided by LS Travel Retail Pacific and Aer Rianta International from 1 July, 2015.

“Auckland Airport has completed its international tender process and, following the receipt of five strong bids, is delighted to announce that LS Travel Retail Pacific and Aer Rianta International, two of the world’s most innovative duty free operators, have been selected," reveals the gateway's general manager of retail and commercial, Richard Barker.

“LS Travel and Aer Rianta will start operating at Auckland Airport from 1 July 2015 and their licence will be for at least seven years. They will provide our passengers with shopping experiences unrivalled anywhere else in the country.

“The selection of these two operators helps ensure that our passengers will be able to choose from a wide range of products and services that represent the best of New Zealand and the world. There will be many new duty free brands and retail concepts, including a number of world firsts.”

“Travellers will start to see the positive impact of the two new operators on 1 July this year, however, the biggest changes will come once we have opened our new international departure area.”

He adds that the appointment of LS Travel and Aer Rianta will also result in a significant expansion of its online retail channel, including ‘click and collect’ which provides passengers with the option of buying online and collecting their  tax-free and duty free purchases when next travelling internationally.

“Auckland Airport is focused on strategically growing its duty free and retail business and providing travellers with a great shopping and travelling experience," admits Barker.

"The selection of LS Travel and Aer Rianta will allow us to do just that. Both operators have proven themselves overseas to be driven and innovative in achieving strong, customer-focused, growth in airport duty free retail.

“As a result of the duty free tender, and other changes in specialty stores, we expect our earnings before interest, tax and depreciation in the 2016 financial year to increase by an additional NZ$5 million.”

Matthieu Mercier, LS Travel Retail Pacific’s chief executive officer, says, “The win signals an exciting new chapter for both LS Travel Retail Pacific and Auckland Airport. LS will boost the airport’s duty free offer with innovative ideas, and we will leverage our extensive vendor relationships and global experience by offering a wide range of big name brands in perfume & cosmetics, local wine and liquor to name a few.

|Our goal now is to make it happen and to create a fantastic duty free experiences that exceed passenger expectations, and I believe that our vision for Auckland Airport will achieve this and more.”

Jack MacGowan, Air Rianta International’s chief executive, notesL “This is a wonderful opportunity for Air Rianta to enter a new partnership with an ambitious, forward-looking airport that is seeking to collaborate with a global duty free operator to enhance the retail experience of international passengers at Auckland Airport.

"From the moment we held our initial conversations with the team at Auckland, we recognised a shared vision about placing the passenger at the heart of the airport retail experience and about enhancing that experience with an exciting retail offer. We will bring to Auckland our global experience of successful airport retail operations and airport partnerships.”

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