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NEWS Last modified on February 20, 2015

Keflavik's customer service success down to change in business strategy

Keflavík International Airport, voted Europe's best gateway in ACI's Airport Service Quality (ASQ) customer satisfaction survey, attributes its success to a decision to adopt a more passenger focused business strategy a few years ago.

As part of the philosophy, operator Isavia reveals that its focus is very much on providing travellers with "outstanding services" at Keflavík International Airport.

In addition to the levels of customer service offered by staff, the airport has launched development projects to extend the southside of the terminal and enlarge the arrivals lounge on the ground floor of the north building.

Changes to the shopping and catering areas in the departure lounge on the second floor are also underway.

A new Master Plan for the airport area is being developed to establish policies for any future expansions.

"A few years ago, Keflavik Airport clearly set out to improve its performance and build its reputation as a dynamic, quality-driven, customer-focused airport. Its strong performance yet again in this year's ASQ results, coupled with robust traffic development shows just how well the team there are succeeding in their goal," says ACI Europe's director general.

"I congratulate them on another excellent result."

Isavia's managing director, Bjorn Oli Hauksson, enthuses: “Our staff, other operators and police, customs and immigration have yet again demonstrated the high level of service at Keflavík International, despite an enormous increase in the number of passengers.

"The performance is consistent and last year we were awarded for having been among the five top airports for a number of years. It is particularly pleasing to see that we have been able to maintain such high standards despite the pressures of the busiest year in the history of the Airport.”

ASQ surveys carried out throughout the year ask passengers about the quality of service at various touchpoints throughout the airport.

Airports with the highest overall results of the year receive special recognition from ACI, ensuring that this is the third time that Keflavík International Airport has received such recognition after being named Best Airport in Europe in 2009 and Best in Europe handling under 2mppa in 2011.

In addition, Keflavik was inducted into the ACI Director General’s Roll of Excellence in 2014 for continuous success in service surveys from 2008.

The survey measures a range of service categories including politeness and helpfulness of airport staff, ease of transit, ambience, cleanliness, etc.

Passengers are also asked whether they are satisfied with baggage handling, access to baggage trolleys, banking services and restaurants in the terminal.

Runner's up to Kelfavik in the Best in Europe category for 2014 are Moscow Sheremetyevo, Porto and Malta.

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