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NEWS Last modified on February 23, 2015

Heathrow reveals a "strong performance" in 2014 and a capacity warning

Record-breaking traffic figures, growing passenger satisfaction levels and a “strong financial performance” made 2014 a year to remember for Heathrow.

Unveiling its end of year results in London today, the airport revealed that it recorded the highest passenger satisfaction levels of Europe’s hub airports in 2014 and strong operational performance.

The 73.4 million passengers (+1.4%) handled during 2014 made it the London airport’s busiest ever year, despite no real growth in flights.

It stays it enjoyed a “strong financial performance” last year with revenue up 8.8% to £2.7 billion and EBITDA up 10.3% to £1.57 billion.

The gateways also revealed that it completed £11 billion of its “transformation programme” with the successful opening of Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal, on time and on budget.

Operator, Heathrow Airports Limited, adds that it is now moving into a more modest investment period, generating cash after capital investment and interest for the first time in over a decade.

But it warns that with Heathrow full, Britain is falling behind in direct flights to growth markets and believes that this failing is why there is growing support for future expansion.

CEO, John Holland-Kaye, says: “Heathrow performed very well in 2014, with record levels of passenger service and numbers of passengers served.

"The successful opening of Terminal 2 means the nation now has a world-class front door and passengers rate us the best hub airport in Europe. 

"But with Heathrow full, Britain is falling behind European rivals in the race for growth. An expanded hub airport is best for Britain and backed by Britain. We have made Heathrow better, now it is time to make it bigger, and connect all of Britain to global growth."

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