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NEWS Last modified on March 2, 2015

Vienna expects good 2015 on the back of improved 2014 performance

Vienna Airport has announced that it achieved a “considerable rise in earnings” in its 2014 financial year despite a tough operating environment.

Operator, Flughafen Wien AG, today revealed that its net profit for the period rose to €82.5 million – 12.5% up on the previous year.

And it adds that it also experienced a slight rise in revenue and EBITDA to €630 million (+1.3%) and €250 million (+3.6%) respectively as passenger numbers climbed to 22.5 million (+2.2%)

Moreover, it claims that its performance performance made it possible to achieve a sharp reduction in net debt as well as an increase in the dividend to be distributed of € 1.65 per share (+26.9%). 

It claims that the outlook for the year 2015 is positive, with passenger traffic expected to grow by up to 2%, despite a first quarter decline in throughput, which it describes as “painful”.

As a result of the anticipated 2015 upturn in traffic, Flughafen Wien AG predicts that its revenue should climb above the €645 million mark, and its EBITDA to in excess of €250 million to allow for a consolidated profit of over €85 million.

“Flughafen Wien AG is once again on a healthy economic footing,” says management board member, Günther Ofner.

“In spite of global economic and industry-related challenges, the 2014 financial year developed gratifyingly, and the company succeeded in achieving a perceptible improvement in all relevant financial indicators.

“We expect growth in revenue and earnings in 2015, although negative effects are likely to arise from the capacity reductions of the airlines and the crisis situations in Russia, Ukraine and the Middle East in the first quarter of the current year.

“Consistent productivity increases and high quality has considerably improved the company’s competitive situation, which will enable further growth on our path to becoming an Airport City.”

Traffic growth

Vienna Airport achieved a new passenger record of 22.5 million passengers, a rise of 2.2% in a year-on-year comparison.

Whereas the total number of aircraft movements stagnated slightly at -0.2%, the average seat occupancy (seat load factor) was up 0.2% to 75.0%. More positively, cargo volumes grew by 8.3% to 277,532 tonnes.

Management board member, Julian Jäger, says: “In terms of traffic development, the past year went very well, featuring a new passenger record of 22.5 million travellers using Vienna Airport. We achieved strong growth of 27.8% in the long-haul segment.

"We are slightly optimistic with respect to the current year, and new flight offerings have already been announced. Although decreases in flight traffic are still likely to occur in the first months of 2015, we expect an increase in passenger volume of between 0% and 2% for the entire year 2015.” 

A total of 70 airlines regularly served Vienna Airport in 2014, flying to a total of 172 destinations in 71 countries. 

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