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NEWS Last modified on March 10, 2015

Warsaw Chopin increases airfield efficiency with new taxiway

Warsaw's Chopin Airport has opened a new rapid exit taxiway, which will allow aircraft landing from the western direction to exit Runway 1 faster.

Located near the area where the runway intersects with taxiways A, J and T, it enables aircraft to taxi off the runway at higher speed than was previously possible using two older taxiways.

According to the airport, the new infrastructure will also have an impact on noise reduction, as plane engines will run on reverse thrust on a shorter distance.

Earlier this year Poland's capital city gateway opened a new apron area for aircraft de-icing, and late last year it unveiled a new cargo apron and a new section of taxiway A to increase operational efficiency.

And the upgrade is not over as Chopin operator, Polish Airports, recently signed a deal with the Pekao SA bank for €145 million in bonds that will help finance an extension to the passenger terminal, further enhancement of the airfield and the five-star Renaissance hotel.

The work, which is set to take until the end of 2016 to complete, comes with an €193 million price tag.

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