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NEWS Last modified on March 26, 2015

Gebr Heinemann acquires 60% stake in Schiphol Airport Retail

Schiphol Group and Gebr Heinemann today established a joint venture for the retail operations of liquor, tobacco and confectionary in the shopping area after ticket and passport control at Amsterdam Schiphol.

As a result of the deal, Gebr Heinemann has acquired a 60% stake in Schiphol Airport Retail (SAR), Schiphol Group keeps 40% of the shares. 

The joint venture will continue to operate under the name of Schiphol Airport Retail (SAR).

According to the airport operator, with Gebr. Heinemann as a joint-venture partner, the position of SAR will be reinforced with knowledge and experience in travel retail, e-commerce and logistics topped with clear end-consumer focus and expertise. 

SAR will with this joint-venture be certain to respond well to rapid future developments in the international travel retail market and changes in needs and demands of travellers.

The Schiphol Group says the deal ensures that it will make a book profit in the first half of 2015.

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