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NEWS Last modified on March 27, 2015

TAV's duty free subsidiary wins Houston airport concession

ATU, the largest duty free operator of Turkey, has won the tender of duty free operations management at Houston George Bush Airport in Texas, USA, for 10 years.

Houston City Council approved and authorised a retail concession agreement between the City of Houston and ATU Americas, LLC for specialty retail and duty free operations at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Highlighting the importance of being preferred for the duty free operations of an airport in the USA, TAV Airports president and CEO Sani Şener stated: "We won the tender for the duty free operations of Houston George Bush Airport for 10 years as a Turkish brand after the fierce competition in the US.

"The success we achieved is another indicator of our significant industrial growth.

"The terminals will soon be expanded at Houston George Bush Airport, which is the 11th largest airport in the USA in terms of passenger number. I would like to congratulate all of our employees who contributed to this success."

ATU general manager, Ersan Ercan, said: "We are glad to provide service in Houston which is an important city of the US in terms of economy and tourism. We are planning to expand our operations here and use the advantage of being a solution partner at duty free operations of other airports in the US in the most effective way."

ATU won the tender together with its 25% local partner Air Ventures LLC.

Founded in partnership with TAV Airports and Unifree, ATU Duty Free, the largest duty free operator of Turkey, offers passengers 50,000 products of leading world brands at advantageous prices.

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