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NEWS Last modified on April 7, 2015

Sydney Airport issues first sustainability report

Sydney Airport has released its first Sustainability Report, making it the first Australian airport to commit to annual sustainability reporting in line with the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 guidelines.

“Sydney Airport is committed to operating sustainably as well as efficiently, including assessing the impact of our business and making improvements where required,” says managing director and CEO, Kerrie Mather.

“With 38.5 million passengers a year, we’re focused on responsibly managing the airport to support this growth while also enhancing the passenger experience.

“Our first annual Sustainability Report is the culmination of extensive engagement with and feedback from key stakeholder groups.”

The Sustainability Report focuses on the key sustainability issues which are most significant for Sydney Airport, covering four key themes:

  • Engaging and responding to our stakeholders;
  • Responsibly managing the airport, enhancing the passenger experience;
  • Supporting passenger growth; and
  • Developing our people.

Australian Airports Association's policy manager, Simon Bourke, welcomed the report.

“Sustainability is a key priority for all airports and is increasingly important to airport passengers and stakeholders,” he enthuses.

“It’s pleasing to see Sydney Airport is leading the way by formalising its commitment to sustainability through its first Sustainability Report.”

Mayor of the City of Botany Bay Council, Ben Keneally, also commendd Sydney Airport on the report.

“Sydney Airport plays a vitally important role in our local government area and many of our residents work at the airport," he notes.

"We commend it on its sustainability initiatives and look forward to continuing to work with them on community issues."

The gateway also published a five-year Environment Strategy as part of its approved Master Plan 2033.

“Our federal government approved Environment Strategy outlines more than 100 ongoing actions and initiatives to minimise our impact on the environment and support sustainable growth,” adds Mather.

“We’ve invested significantly to reduce waste, energy consumption and water usage across the airport – from recycling water in our terminals to installing in-ground power for aircraft to improve air quality.

“We were delighted to achieve Level One Airport Carbon Accreditation by Airports Council International (ACI) last year in recognition of our efforts to map, manage and reduce our carbon emissions.

“We’ve also received a number of other environmental awards, including from Greenfleet for more than five years of support for its carbon offset program, and East Coles Corporate Performance Award for Best Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) across ASX top 100 companies.”

Sydney Airport’s commitment to sustainability is also supported by its community engagement programme.

According to Mather, the airport has invested A$1.48 million in charities and the community in 2014 through donations, partnerships and "in-kind support".

“Late last year, we partnered with Conservation Volunteers Australia to deliver environmentally beneficial outcomes across our local community, including a bush regeneration programme at Kamay Botany Bay National Park,” she states.

The Sustainability Report can be downloaded from Sydney Airport’s website at www.sydneyairport.com.au/sustainability


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