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NEWS Last modified on April 7, 2015

High-tech Seattle-Tacoma recognised by US travel guide

Fodor’s Travel is highlighting Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as one of the 10 Most High-Tech Airports in the US.

Sea-Tac is recognised for its free Wi-Fi, eco-friendly advancements such as recently installed electric car charging stations, and location aware features on its Wi-Fi splash page.

“We continue to find ways to reflect the high-tech nature of our region at Sea-Tac Airport,” said Mark Reis, Sea-Tac's managing director. 

“Our green initiatives and attention to improving the passenger experience through new technologies is what we strive to do and what our travellers expect from us," he says.

Some of those recent improvements include:

  • Over 2,400 additional power outlets, including USB outlets, for electronic devices

  • Standing work counters and sit-down work areas at gates

  • 48 electric vehicle charging stations in the main terminal garage, the largest provider of any North American airport

  • Mobile Passport Control App for Customs, third airport in US to introduce

  • Nearly 300 electric charging stations on the airport ramp for aircraft ground support equipment to convert vehicles from fossil fuel to electric

  • And recognition as the first airport in North America certified as reducing carbon emissions by a world-wide independent programme

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