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NEWS Last modified on April 10, 2015

Calgary's new terminal on target to open next year

Calgary International Airport’s planned new C$1.47 billion international and trans-border terminal, the biggest expansion project in the gateway’s history, is on target to open next year.

The 185,000sqm complex will more than double the size of the existing terminal building.

Its highly sustainable design is expected to reduce consumption, saving operator, Calgary Airport Authority, up to 4,900 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Served by its own multi-level roadway system, the facility will feature tri-sector gates with stacked holdrooms – a concept developed by DIALOG along with the airport – that are designed to allow greater flexibility for inbound and outbound aircraft movements.

DIALOG claims to have captured the spirit of the prairies and the natural beauty of the Rockies and Foothills in every aspect of the design of the complex, which is set to become the first ‘Call to Gate’ Terminal in western Canada.


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