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NEWS Last modified on April 14, 2015

New digital clock tower at Los Angeles International Airport

JCDecaux today unveiled a new Digital Clock Tower at Los Angeles International Airport's Tom Bradley International Terminal. 

The Digital Clock Tower is the first of its kind in North America and will initially provide Tiffany & Co with a platform to promote its new men's timepiece collection.

The Tower is an iconic four-sided digital platform at the centre of this new international terminal.

This high-definition digital structure stands 72-feet tall. It reaches all departing travellers and dominates the terminal's great Hall.

Catherine Lacaze, vice president marketing, Northern America of Tiffany & Co says: "Tiffany is excited to be the first exclusive media partner on the Digital Clock Tower.

"Our founder Charles Lewis Tiffany defined the spirit of a New York-minute and all the possibilities that can happen in 60 seconds.

"The Clock Tower is a wonderful platform to delight the people who pass it every minute with the excitement of what a minute can bring."

Jean-Francois Decaux, Co-CEO of JCDecaux, notes "We're delighted to expand our US partnership with Tiffany & Co.to Los Angeles International Airport. This new, digital spectacular tower provides unparalleled exposure for one of the world's most iconic brands."

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