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NEWS Last modified on April 20, 2015

Miami International Airport honours its volunteer ambassadors

Take a bow, Elaine Riedinger, Miami International Airport's Volunteer Ambassador of the Year.

The 76 year old has been honoured for "her six years and 2,538 hours of dedicated, selfless customer service".

According to the airport, the 76-year-old Miami Springs resident and community volunteer rarely misses a day at work, although she might take a few days off now having been presented with two tickets from American Airlines to travel anywhere in the continental US the Caribbean, Canada or Mexico.

As a retired paralegal, Riedinger has brought to MIA her keen attention to detail, and is always seen carrying organised binders of airport information with her so she can answer any question a tourist may have. 

She is one of 75 MIA volunteer ambassadors who graciously assist many of MIA’s 40.9 million annual travellers as they make their way through thebusy global gateway. 

Among other tasks, volunteer ambassadors walk the terminal assisting passengers in need, work at dedicated information counters and provide trolley rides to passengers who need help traversing the massive airport. 

The team collectively represent more than 30 countries and speak 20 languages. 

“We are extremely proud to name Elaine our Volunteer of the Year, and to recognise her for the amount of pride she takes in providing excellent customer service,” says Miami-Dade 's aviation director Emilio González. 

“It takes a special person to devote their time and energy to welcoming travellers at a bustling global gateway like MIA, and Elaine, along with all of our volunteers, are certainly those kind of special people.”

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