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NEWS Last modified on April 21, 2015

London Luton to open new flagship duty free store

Take your first look at the new 1,700sqm flagship duty free store at London Luton Airport.

The new walk-through Aelia Duty Free store will be the centrepiece of a complete transformation of the airport's retail and dining offer when its first phase opens in late 2015. 

In total four stores are planned - a flagship walkthrough store, an express/last minute store, an iconic MAC island unit, and what LS travel retail describes as a ‘new breed of arrivals store’.

LS travel retail UK & Ireland won the competitive tender to the new 1,700sqm ax and Duty Free store.

Total retail space at London Luton is set to more than double in size to over 8,700sqm as part of the airport’s £100 million redevelopment programme.

LLA is currently running a major tender programme for the remaining stores, with 43 concessions available.

The stores will be split into four distinct zones to deliver the best adjacencies for retailers and restaurant operators: Luxury, Affordable Luxury, High Street and Food & Beverage.

Rupert Lawrie, London Luton's commercial Director said: “We are creating an incredible new retail space that will exceed the expectations of our passengers.

"LS travel retail has proved to be a truly fantastic partner and through the tender has shown that it understands and shares our vision for the future of the airport. The new walk-through Duty Free Store, together with a further 7,000sqm of exciting retail and dining options will create a unique experience within UK aviation.
"We are focused on ensuring the very best possible experience for passengers choosing to fly to over 100 destinations from one of London’s’ fastest growing airports."

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