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NEWS Last modified on May 1, 2015

Seattle-Tacoma honours green efforts of F&B operator

The Port of Seattle Commission has awarded its fifth Annual Green Gateway Environmental Excellence Award to HMSHost for its accomplishments in waste reduction and energy conservation at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The successes included reducing solid waste by 15,000 pounds, annual energy savings of over 34,350 watts, and leading all participants in Sea-Tac’s food bank donation programme by donating 20,106lbs of food, which translates into approximately 309 meals weekly.

“As Sea-Tac Airport and our surrounding community continue to experience unprecedented growth, it’s vital that we manage our growth in an environmentally responsible manner,“ says Bill Bryant, Port of Seattle Commissioner.

“We’re proud to honour business partners, such as HMSHost, who continually set the standard of environmental leadership through their innovative approach to addressing sustainability.


Since the award’s inception, this is the fifth time HMSHost has been recognised for their environmental efforts and achievements."

Eric Waldon, senior director of operations for HMS Host International at Sea-Tac, enthuses: “We are thrilled at HMSHost to lead the way for concessionaires in the airport and do what is necessary to be environmentally responsible. We will continue to look for new ways to do so in the coming years.”

Pictured above from 

from L to R are award recipients from HMSHost Bruce Fish, vice president, operations; Eric Waldon, senior director of operations; Port of Seattle Commission's co-presidents, Courtney Gregoire, and Stephanie Bowman; Chris Keaton, assistant director of operations, HMSHost; and Commissioner, Bill Bryant.

First established in 2010, the award programme recognises airport tenants, airlines and/or business partners for their outstanding environmental leadership and conservation efforts.

Nominations are accepted for projects that promote environmental leadership and stewardship in three categories, Environmental Performance, Environmental Education and Outreach, and Environmental Innovation.

The airport operator believes that the programme also helps further encourage environmental sustainability of its business partners by publicly acknowledging their accomplishments, and the critical role they play, in helping to drive the port’s vision and Century Agenda goal of reducing our environmental footprint while striving to be the most sustainable port in North America.

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