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NEWS Last modified on May 4, 2015

Warsaw's new terminal to offer 3,000sqm of retail and F&B outlets

More than 3,000sqm of shops and restaurants await passengers when Warsaw Chopin Airport's new terminal fully opens for business on May 23.

The airport reveals that world-renowned brands such as Michael Kors, Ermenegildo Zegna, Emporio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren and Burberry all have a place in the new terminal.

The complex also has its own toy shop, M&M's candy store and Poland’s only Samsung Brand Store located at an airport.

Other outlets include a new Aelia Duty Free shop, Victoria's Secret, Le Connaisseur which will offer a wine tasting service. 

"Global brands available in our shopping arcade will allow passengers to feel as if they were at the best Paris, London or Milan department stores, which is exactly what our customers expect," enthuses airport director, Michał Kaczmarzyk.

"At the airport they have time for relaxed shopping, and we are happy to provide them with that opportunity."


New F&B additions include a food court area with three outlets serving a diverse menu from fast food (McDonald's) to Italian and Polish cuisine.

According to the airport, steak lovers may want to visit elegant restaurant The Flame.

Kaczmarzyk adds: "The gastronomic offer is diverse both in terms of the quality of the meals, as well as their prices. It includes both cheap fast food meals and elegant dishes prepared on site by chefs. I'm certain everyone will find something they like." 

The retail/F&B outlets are in a new 60,000sqm extension to the terminal opening on May 23.

The existing terminal covers 154,500sqm.

According to the airport, the old "load-bearing structure" of the building remained virtually unchanged during the modernisation process, while the inside and the dome were built from scratch.

A new level has also been added to be used for office space.

The modernised part of the terminal houses 48 check-in desks and – in the new departures and arrivals hall – ticket offices, travel companies, new car rentals as well as airline offices.

“All these changes enhance the comfort of passengers and boost the airport’s capacity, which can grow to 20 million annually in the next 15 years," notes Kaczmarzyk.

"This means that our airport can become the biggest and most important in Central Europe."

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