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NEWS Last modified on June 1, 2015

Vilnius Airport opens new cinema to showcase Lithuanian films

Vilnius Airport is believed to be the first airport in Eastern and Northern Europe to open its own airside 'cinema'.

Located in the departure lounge and boasting just a few dozen seats, it may not be the fanciest cinema in the world, but the new addition to the airport's facilities is expected to prove a big hit with passengers.

According to the airport, the FilmBox LT cinema will excluslvely show short movies, documentaries and cartoons by Lithuanian filmakers.

It says that the idea of an "unconventional passenger lounge" at Vilnius Airport was implemented in co-operation with the Lithuanian Film Centre and will remain on site until the end of the year.

Gediminas Almantas, CEO at SE Lithuanian Airports, says: “People spent a lot of time at Vilnius Airport. We care about our passengers and their good mood, therefore we have established the cinema, where passengers will have an opportunity to relax before the flight as well as to become familiar with the Lithuanian cinema."


The first FilmBox LT ambassador - Nelė Savičenko, a film and theatre actress, winner of the National Culture and Art Prize – was introduced during the opening of the cinema hall.

She promised to spread the word about the unusual cinema at Vilnius Airport and the contemporary Lithuanian cinema in Lithuania and abroad.

“This is one of the finest examples in Lithuania and elsewhere of how business and cultural institutions can co-operate by focusing on feelings and experiences of people rather than profit”, notes Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson, one of the initiators of FilmBox LT, the Head of Film Distribution, Information and Heritage Division of the Lithuanian Film Centre.

The first visitors of the cinema hall watched the 11-minute film 'Forest', created by Ignas Meilūnas this year and premiered at the film festival 'Kino Pavasaris'.

The film repertoire will be regularly changed to show as many works of our country’s cinema makers as possible.

All films are shown in Lithuanian with English subtitles.

The future plans of FilmBox LT include introducing full-length movies to Vilnius Airport passengers.

FilmBox LT cinema hall is located in the renewed departure area of Vilnius Airport next to the gate A2.

Its working hours are adapted to the flight schedule – films are shown from the first to the last flight of the day.

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