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NEWS Last modified on June 1, 2015

Cargo terminal upgrade for Rio's Tom Jobim International Airport

RIOgaleão is to invest $6 million on upgrading the cargo terminal at Rio de Janeiro´s Tom Jobim International Airport over the next 12 months.

The concessionaire, which took over the airport´s operation in August of last year, has already reduced the average cargo clearance time by 20% through changes to operating procedures and replacement of critical equipment such as its aging fleet of forklifts.

In May, the airport inaugurated a new 11,000m3 pharma centre with two temperature environments.

The new facility, the largest of its kind at a Brazilian airport, offers a fully automated storage system, expediting operations and improving the integrity of the cold chain.

GIG is one of the primary gateways for the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil and the new facility has been eagerly awaited by the market, adding much needed capacity.  


“We have tripled our capacity to serve the pharmaceutical industry, which represents today 20-25% of our cargo terminal overall revenues," enthuses RIOgaleã's cargo director, Patrick Fehring.

"We are the first logistics terminal in Latin America to join IATA's global pharmaceutical certification programme in order to achieve the CEIV Pharma certification. It will help us ensure that our storage and handling of pharmaceutical products complies with the best operating practices and regulations adopted by the international market.

"Our aim is not only to guarantee the quality of services offered and the integrity of the cold chain, but also to reduce logistics risks and costs for our customers."

RIOgaleão Cargo is also investing in the upgrade of its exports terminal and a new facility to host the rapidly growing domestic cargo business.

Security is another area where the new operator does not want to compromise: A project to install a new CCTV system with 140 cameras as well as improved access controls and perimeter security are all in the pipeline.

Building on the airports strategic location, Fehring´s goal is to consolidate RIOgaleão’s position as a national logistics platform and one of Brazil´s and Latin America´s major gateways for the oil and gas, pharmaceutical and other strategic industries.

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