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NEWS Last modified on June 1, 2015

London City Airport not giving up on master plan rejected by Boris Johnson

London City Airport (LCY) has begun work on a project to reconfigure its Western Pier, and vowed to fight to overturn the Mayor of London's decision to reject its £200 million master plan that would have allowed it to handle an extra 40,000 flights yearly.

The airport states that the £16 million development programme to reconfigure its Western Pier, which houses 70% of its departure gates, is significant.

It claims that the pier will create a bright, open-plan space with modern seating, electronic boarding gates, workspaces, quiet areas and charging points.

The area will increase in size by around 84%, (approximately 1,780m2), with space for new retail and food and beverage outlets, and accommodate 600 additional seats.

“We are creating more space, more seating, and more comfort for our passengers," says London City Airport's CEO, Declan Collier.

"A record number of people used London City Airport in 2014 and we are on track for another record this year, with some four million passengers expected to travel through in 2015.

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"People choose LCY for its unrivalled location so close to central London, the speed of check-in and arrivals, and for the quality of the experience here.

"Without development, that experience was at risk of being compromised but this multi-million pound investment will make the new Western Pier a cutting-edge extension of the departure lounge, with a business-class feel throughout, that is accessible to all.”

Work is expected to be completed by the summer of 2016. It is carried out under ‘permitted development’ – which means it does not need planning permission.

However, it is not part of LCY's bigger City Airport Development Programme (CADP) rejected by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, earlier this year and the gateway is determined to fight the decision.

The £200 million project aimed to develop existing infrastructure to increase the airport's runway capacity to up to 111,000 movements per annum by allowing more take-offs and landings at peak times and accommodating the next generation of quieter, more fuel efficient aircraft. 

An LCY spokesperson said: “Following the Mayor of London’s direction to refuse planning permission for CADP, London City Airport has mounted an appeal against the refusal notice issued by the London Borough of Newham.

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"LCY believes the Mayor’s decision to issue the direction to Newham is the wrong one, ignoring the significant social and economic benefits that the airport’s development will bring, as well as the comprehensive package of measures that the airport has proposed to mitigate and control noise.  

"In addition, it sends the wrong message about investment in the East of London and London generally, and seemingly disregards the 2,000 employment opportunities that the CADP will create, as well as the £1.5bn of annual economic impact that an expanded airport will deliver.”

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