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NEWS Last modified on June 2, 2015

Denver's new Westin Hotel to open in November

Denver International Airport has announced that its new Westin hotel will officially open on November 19.

The 519-room Westin Denver International Airport is one of the key projects of the airport's new Hotel and Transit Center.

Colorado's gateway to the world describes the 433,000 square foot, 14-story hotel as "a modern day oasis for both business and leisure travellers at the fifth busiest airport in the United States".

It will also boast its own conference centre.

“Adding a state-of-the-art hotel and conference center to our international airport places our region front and centre as a leader in travel, transportation and tourism,” says Denver Mayor, Michael Hancock.

“We now look to the completed vision of a commuter rail that will soon connect DIA to downtown Denver, creating additional economic opportunities along the Peña Boulevard corridor stretching to our city core.”

The architecturally inventive hotel, designed entirely with walls of towering, shimmering glass, overlooks both the mountains and DIA flight paths, and is part of Denver’s new Hotel and Transit Center programme.

According to the airport, it builds upon the imagery of flight and aviation and its sleek form resembles a bird with its wings extended as it hovers above the public plaza, framing and accenting the acclaimed tents of the Jeppesen Terminal.

The floor-to-ceiling windows, which make up the entire wall of every one of the 519 guest rooms and 35 suites, offer expansive views of Denver’s signature Rocky Mountains and Colorado’s High Plains. 

“We are thrilled to be delivering our brand promise For A Better You to Denver International Airport before the busy holiday travel season begins,” enthuses Tom Curley, general manager of The Westin Denver International Airport.

“As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Denver is primed to soon have a hotel with refreshing ambience that allows the traveler to feel well while on the road, as well as a conference and transit center that will connect more people with everything the Rocky Mountains have to offer.”

In addition to the hotel and conference center, there will be an 82,000 square foot open air public plaza that will become Denver’s newest venue for entertainment and relaxation and will create a community connection between the airport and downtown Denver through special event programming by Denver Arts and Venues.

“Denver International Airport’s new Westin hotel, transit centre, commuter rail connection and open air plaza will bring new amenities to our passengers that will enhance their experience and help us remain competitive,” states airport CEO Kim Day.

“We look forward to November when we can share this new experience with passengers and show them why sleeping at the airport just become ‘heavenly’.”

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