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NEWS Last modified on June 3, 2015

Giant new art sculpture at Boston Logan

Boston Logan International Airport today unveiled a huge new sculpture which it claims captures the 'liveliness, energy and excitement" of Terminal B. 

The 18ft high work of art is made of anodized aluminium, powder coated steel, stainless steel also pays homage to flight and themes of movement, according to the airport.

Award-winning Boston artist Jacob Kulin, creator of the 'Flyby' sculpture explains: "There is a celebration of liveliness in Terminal B and Flyby is inspired by this energy and excitement.

"The asymmetric and geometric patterns that animate the open expanse provide space for art to captivate and connect with travellers.

"The sculpture echoes notions of transition and flow with its streamlined, telescoping forms, producing a sense of speed and take-off as the piece seamlessly rears up from the floor.”

Artist talk indeed!

Massport CEO, Thomas Glynn, was a little more down to earth about the new addition to the airport's art collection.

“Not many people think of Logan as a place to see public art, but we’re working to change that," he notes.

“Jacob’s piece is unique in that it’s a large metal structure, but it’s not overwhelming.

"Our passengers can interact with it; they can touch it, run around it or just simply look up. The piece fits so well, it almost feels like the rest of the terminal was built around it."

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