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NEWS Last modified on June 4, 2015

Carbon 'neutrality' status demonstrates Oslo Airport's green credentials

Oslo Airport has demonstrated its green credentials by achieving Level 3+ Neutrality status in ACI's voluntary Airport Carbon Accrediation programme. 

Norway's capital city gateway has been carbon accredited since 2009, but this is the first time it has achieved the highest ranking under ACI's global scheme to reduce emission levels at airports.

“Since opening in 1998, environmental protection has been an important part of Oslo Airport’s strategy.

"We are, of course, proud of this accreditation, which means that we are working diligently and in a targeted manner to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions,” says Ole Jørgen Holt Hanssen, director of security and safety management at Oslo Airport.

To be accredited, airports must map their own sources of greenhouse gases.

The highest level of certification is referred to as 3+, "Neutrality".

This signifies that the airport compensates for remaining emissions through carbon offsets.

In 2014, Oslo Airport invested in a landfill project in Colombia. The project is UN-approved because it meets all the criteria for a so-called CDM project, or Clean Development Mechanism.


“Both we and the players at the airport are taking several steps to make sure that we can maintain this accreditation," adds Hanssen.

"Among other things, it involves the use of electric cars and hybrid vehicles on the airport grounds."

“Furthermore, our goal is to stop emitting greenhouse gases from our own operations by 2020. In our diligent efforts to achieve this goal, we established a comprehensive climate programme at Oslo Airport in 2014.

"The climate programme entails that we carefully review all the emission sources you find at an airport of this size, and look at all possible means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"It will help us to identify initiatives that will enable us to reach our goal in 2020, while continuing to reduce emissions from both ground transport to and from the airport and from aviation."

Hanssen said he hoped that the programme would help the airport to continue achieving the ACA’s highest accreditation in the years to come.

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