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NEWS Last modified on June 9, 2015

Kelpie Maquettes land at Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport has welcomed some special visitors with the arrival of the mini Kelpie Maquettes, which will spend the next month on the airport’s new plaza welcoming visitors from all over the world.

The impressive sculptures, smaller versions of the attractions at Helix Park in Falkirk, are meticulously placed right next to the airport’s new EDINBURGH sign.

The Kelpies have become world-famous since their completion last year with more than one million people visiting Helix Park since April 2014.

The mini versions of Clydesdales Baron and Duke have a combined weight of over 1200kg and have already been well-travelled with visits to numerous Scottish landmarks and even Bryant Park in New York.

John Watson, chief commercial officer at Edinburgh Airport, said: “The Kelpies are now a world-famous attraction and a well-known Scottish landmark.

"We’re delighted we can host the mini Kelpies during our busy summer period and give a great welcome to the thousands of visitors expected to travel through the terminal over the coming weeks.

“Our new plaza space opened last month and is the ideal spot for the Kelpies to be placed. The sculptures, as well as our huge EDINBURGH sign, offer the perfect photo spots."

He added: “The Kelpies make a bold statement and our plaza is the perfect backdrop for both tourists and regular visitors to take a great picture, and of course the perfect selfie.”

Richard Millar, director of heritage, enterprise and sustainability at Scottish Canals, said: “We’re delighted that The Kelpies’ smaller siblings have been able to take a well-earned holiday at Edinburgh Airport.

“The baby Kelpies will provide a great welcome for proud Scots returning from foreign shores and will hopefully encourage international tourists to take a trip to see the world’s largest pair of equine sculptures at their home on the Forth & Clyde Canal in Falkirk.”

Talking in late May, chief executive, Gordon Dewar, said the huge 27 metre wide Edinburgh sign helped provide a sense of place at Scotland's capital city gateway.

"Our new sign in particular really makes a bold statement and is the perfect backdrop for both tourists and regular visitors to take a great picture, and of course the perfect selfie," he mused.

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