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NEWS Last modified on June 10, 2015

Dublin tops European airport Wi-Fi league

Dublin Airport has the best airport Wi-Fi in Europe, according to a major new study.

The study found that Dublin Airport had the fastest Wi-Fi download speeds of any European airport and the third fastest in the world behind Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand and Chattanooga Airport in the United States.

The survey, which was conducted by users of the Rotten WiFi app and website, tested and evaluated the quality of WiFi services in more than 130 airports in 53 countries.

The Top 10 airports in terms of the fastest download speeds features five airports in Europe, two in the US and three in Asia.

Dublin Airport has offered its customers unlimited free Wi-Fi since September 2012, and was one of the first major European airports with free WiFi.


“We are delighted that our free WiFi product has performed so well in this global study,” enthuses Dublin Airport's managing director, Vincent Harrison.

“Our WiFi is free, fast and unlimited and this is really welcomed by our customers.

“Unlike many free Wi-Fi locations, Dublin Airport does not require a sign-up or login process and this makes our WiFi easy to use and hugely convenient for our customers."

Rotten WiFi's Lina Zaliauskiene, says: “Travellers have a lot of time to kill while waiting for flights, even if they are on schedule and in such situations, public Wi-Fi service could save the day, if it is fast, good quality, and, of course, secure."

Rotten WiFi is a Wi-Fi speed checking website and mobile application.

Dublin Airport provides free Wi-Fi to customers in partnership with eircom.

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