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NEWS Last modified on June 10, 2015

New Fuel America outlet aiming to drive coffee sales at Boston Logan

This Fuel America vintage coffee shop is the latest addition to the AIRMALL at Boston Logan International Airport.

It occupies a  583 square foot site in Terminal B. 

Fuel America is a vintage-modern coffee shop which offers a selection of custom drip coffee, espresso drinks, cold drinks, sandwiches, fresh salads, breakfast fare and baked goods.  

“Fuel puts a vintage spin on the classic American coffeehouse and it is sure to become a destination for travellers looking for a delicious meal, snack or hot or cold specialty beverage at the airport," says AIRMALL Boston's vice president, Michael Caro.

The coffeehouse was created to embody the American “can-do” spirit. which is reflected in Fuel’s vintage décor and atmosphere. 

According to AIRMALL, it offers an extensive menu of custom drip coffees, custom espresso drinks and pour-over coffees; classic-modern cold beverages; fresh baked goods; steamed milk drinks; new American pressed sandwiches; homemade whoopie pies and fresh-made pizzelles. 

AIRMALL Boston currently manages and develops the retail concessions programme for Boston Logan International Airport in terminals B and E, which represents a total of 90,000 square feet of retail concession space.

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