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NEWS Last modified on June 15, 2015

Heathrow to loan bikes to staff to encourage them to cycle to work

Heathrow has promised to loan bikes to all staff living within a five kilometre radius of the airport in a bid get cars off the road this summer.

To coincide with National Bike Week, Heathrow Airport and BMW have joined forces to launch the ‘Try a bike on us’ campaign to get more of the 16,500 airports colleagues who live within easy cycling distance of the airport to ride to work instead of driving.

Starting today and until the end of August, anyone who works at the airport can borrow either a BMW Cruise e-Bike or a Standard bike for two weeks free of charge via the airports Heathrow Commuter Team, the airport’s dedicated service to provide advice, and products for Heathrow colleagues to  choose sustainable modes of transport.

Luxury car manufacturer BMW has in fact been using its expertise to develop bicycles over the past 60 years.

Electric Cruise e-Bikes assist the rider so they do not have to provide 100% of the effort to ride.

Heathrow will also provide regular cycles for those who are confident they can undertake the physical challenge of the ride, along with helmets, safety jackets, locks and lights as part of the trial.

The UK's busiest gateway claims that it is committed to reduce the number of airport colleagues that drive to work and in the last five years has decreased single occupancy car journeys to work by over 10% from 61.4% to 50.9%.

The airport is also quick to point out that a quarter of all airport workers alreadycommute to work by bus every day, which is in part down to its on-going commitment to incentivise alternative more sustainable modes of travel to work.

Heathrow's chief executive, John Holland-Kaye, says: “Heathrow’s cycling journey began by opening up our own bike shop back in 2010 and installing hundreds of free cycle parking spaces around the airport campus.

"More than 900 of our colleagues working at the airport travelled to work on their cycle at the peak of summer last year and with this trial, we hope to push this number past a thousand this year."


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