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NEWS Last modified on June 16, 2015

MWAA awards multi-year upgrade contract for Reagan National's Terminal B/C

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) has awarded the AIR Alliance joint venture a multi-year contract to work on Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport's Terminal B/C Long-Term Redevelopment Program.

The joint venture, comprising AECOM and PGAL, will design improvements at the airport in order to improve customer service and efficiency.

It aims to address congestion resulting from an increase in slots, replacing remote hardstand operations with contact gate facilities and providing secure connectivity for passengers connecting between the piers in Terminal B/C.

The programme will include the construction of a new pier to replace the 14 remote hardstands on the north side of the airport, as well as the relocation of multiple security checkpoints in Terminal B/C, which according to AECOM will provide passengers with seamless access between terminal gate areas without re-screening, relieve congestion at gates and provide secured access to National Hall, the primary shopping and dining location at the airport.

“We are proud to be a part of the $1-billion Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport improvement programme, as we partner with the authority to address the airport’s record passenger growth while continuing to focus on providing first-rate customer service,” enthuses AECOM’s Program Manager Robert Kleinman.  

“Currently, more than 5,000 passengers are using the 14 outdoor boarding areas from Gate 35X to access their flights on a daily basis.  

"We look forward to providing each passenger with an enhanced experience with increased comfort and eased connectivity.”

AIR Alliance's multi-year contract will not to exceed $75 million.


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