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NEWS Last modified on June 19, 2015

Green light for new car rental complex at San Antonio International Airport

San Antonio City Council has approved the construction of a $163 million Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC) at San Antonio International Airport.

The complex, which will be funded through a Customer Facility Charge (CFC) paid only by individuals renting a vehicle at airport, is expected to open March 2018 with the public levels set to open at an earlier date. 

Construction of the 1.5 million square feet, seven storey building begins this summer. 

“San Antonio International plays a critical role in our economy. Improvements like this are critical to addressing customer needs and positioning the airport for future success,” said San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor. 

For rental car customers, the CONRAC provides a conveniently located customer service center housing up to 13 car rental brands, facilitating more efficient customer transactions including vehicle pickup and return, as well as a 'Quick Turn Around' facility for rental companies.

Located directly across from the airport terminals, the facility will be accessible via a pedestrian sky bridge. 

To make room for it, the hourly parking garage will be closed and demolished and hourly parking will be temporarily relocated. 

Free shuttle bus service will be provided to and from all SAT’s parking options.

"Travellers using the Consolidated Rental Car Facility will enjoy a more convenient experience as they travel to and from SAT," said aviation director, Frank Miller. 

“The new facility will reduce traffic congestion around the airport and will make it easier for customers who park at the airport.”

No taxes or City General Funds will be used to fund the complex, which will feature short-term public parking on the first two levels.

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