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NEWS Last modified on June 25, 2015

Oslo Airport to open its own hydrogen station

Oslo Airport is to further enhance its reputation as one of the world's greenest airports by opening a hydrogen station for vehicles.

The latest initiative is in conjunction with Akershus County Authority, HYOP and Lillestrøm Centre of Expertise.

Oslo Airport purchased its first hydrogen vehicle in 2014, and it is used on a daily basis for airport patrols.

The airport is a big fan of Hydrogen vehicles as they are so-called zero-emission vehicles, as they only release water locally. 

"It's exciting to be able to offer hydrogen at our airport," says the gateway's environmental manager, Tom Erling Moen.

"We want to facilitate use of zero-emission vehicles locally, in the ground transport service, and for external users. 

"We will be phasing out use of fossil fuels in our own vehicles, which means that we have to test different technological solutions such as bio-fuel, electricity and hydrogen.

The hydrogen station opening at Oslo Airport is being moved from Kjellstad, outside Drammen.

Akershus County Authority is providing financial support for the project.

"Norway leads the world when it comes to electric cars, with incentives such as free parking in downtown areas, no fees and permission to drive in the mass transit lane in most places," notes Solveig Schytz, head of the Committee for planning, Economic Development and Environment in Akershus County Authority.

"All of these incentives also apply to hydrogen cars.

"As a regional authority, we see that electric cars have been a success for us, but we also have to facilitate use of other zero-emission technologies.

Schytz thinks Oslo Airport is a perfect location for a hydrogen station.

"As a public player, we need to be there right from the start. The cost of setting up a hydrogen station is far greater than setting up a charging station for electric cars," she says.

"We are very pleased that Oslo Airport is part of the team, and we think it is very appropriate that we have a hydrogen station here.

"The station can be used by Oslo Airport's own vehicles, vehicles belonging to other players at the airports, as well as visitors who can fill up their hydrogen cars here."


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