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NEWS Last modified on June 26, 2015

ADP's de Romanet elected new president of ACI Europe

Aéroports de Paris (ADP) chariman and CEO, Augustin de Romanet, is the new president of ACI Europe.

De Romanet, who succeeded Pierre Graf in the ADP hot seat in 2012, was elected to the position at ACI Europe's Annual Congress in Prague.

He said:" "I am honoured to take on the role of President of ACI Europe. Recent years have shown that the air transport sector must face multiple challenges and we need strong representation among policymakers and regulators at the European level.

ACI Europe is a unique source of technical and legal expertise for our industry and an exceptional facilitator in the exchange of knowledge and influence, which we must continue to develop.

"My priority will be to meet two major challenges: to enable Europe to capture global traffic, that is on the rise; and to develop the competitiveness of our airports in the face of competition from the other continents."


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