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NEWS Last modified on June 29, 2015

Norway's airport system to move to the cloud

Norwegian airport operator, Avinor, is to move its 46 airports to the Amadeus cloud.

Avinor will initially implement Amadeus Airport Common Use Service (ACUS) at eight airports, before rolling it out across Avinor's entire Norwegian airport network.

According to Amadeus, Avinor and its airline partners will see a significant cost reduction for common use IT services.

While the platform is expected to help Avinor reduce CO2 emissions by 5,000 tons per annum.

ACUS is a next-generation common use solution, which enables passenger processing systems to be accessed and deployed anywhere on demand, both in and outside the terminal.

It can be used from a PC, laptop or mobile device making it especially useful to process passengers during disruptionsm says Amadeus, which insists that the technology also significantly reduces the time and cost associated with the deployment of applications for the entire air transport community.

Avinor's CIO, Brede Nielsen, CIO, said: Switching to the cloud will help pave the road to this objective and change the traditional passenger-processing environment at airports for the better.

"Furthermore, by using Amadeus’ technology, The Avinor Group will be able to provide our airports with an innovative technology solution at a 25% cost reduction to the previous CUTE/CUPPS service whilst increasing customer satisfaction.”

Amadeus' head of airport IT, John Jarrell, noted: “The Avinor Group’s adoption of ACUS shows that technology in the aviation industry is moving towards a model that encourages innovation and flexibility."

This agreement follows the implementation of ACUS at Innsbruck Airport earlier this year.

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