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NEWS Last modified on June 29, 2015

Bigger airports doesn't always mean better for passengers – Dubai Airports boss

Dubai World Central–Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) won’t be one giant hub with an ultimate capacity of an astonishing 240 million passengers per annum but 12 medium size airports each capable of accommodating 20mppa, according to Dubai Airports CEO, Paul Griffiths.

He claims that this is the case as each of the 12 nodes being developed on the vast 140-square kilometre airport site will act as self-contained, independent facilities effectively creating 12 different airports.

Speaking at the Air Transport IT Summit in Brussels in early June, Griffiths said the 12-airport concept would make DWC one of the most “customer centric” airports on the planet with all facilities within a 400-metre walking distance.

“In my view we are heading in the wrong direction by building ever bigger airports because bigger is not necessarily better.

"It inevitably means longer walking distances, less intimate experiences and greater difficulties in making connections.

"We will be creating something that is manageable, navigable and easy to use.”

Read more about his vision for DWC and how IT will transform airport design in the next issue of sister publication, Asia-Pacific Airports magazine.

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