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NEWS Last modified on July 2, 2015

Avinor introduces new ATM system for North Atlantic

The air navigation services division of Avinor has implemented a new air traffic management (ATM)-system to handle increasing enroute traffic in the North Atlantic.

Avinor Air Navigation Services says that it has introduced the new system in response to strong growth in enroute traffic, both in Norwegian airspace, and in the North-Atlantic region in which the company provides air traffic services. 

Indeed it claims that in the last three years alone traffic has increased by around 20%.

"We are happy to have implemented this new system to provide our customers with an even better service than today," says director of enroute services, Jan-Gunnar Pedersen.

Scalable and Tailor made

According to Avinor, the new system is scalable and tailor-made to handle air traffic services in oceanic areas.

It can now provide customers in the NAT-region new and improved services and is compliant with NAT-region requirements and EUs Implementing Rulesm, says Avinor.

A statement says: "We can now provide a high level of automation in the communication between aircraft personnel and air traffic controllers. Datalink services, such as Controller Pilot Datalink Communication (CPDLC), Oceanic Clearance (OCL) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance Contract (ADS-C)". 

The interaction between neighbouring sectors, such as Iceland, will also be automated via OLDI.

Provided by Adacel, the new system is highly scalable to meet future operational requirements and features functionality to support SESAR initiatives. 

Speaking of this accomplishment, Seth Brown, Adacel's CEO said “We are very pleased to provide this new system to Avinor and to support them as they commission it into operational service.

"Norway becomes the latest country to use our Aurora ATM technology which is in operation today in oceanic airspaces controlled by Fiji, France, Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal and the United States."

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