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NEWS Last modified on July 3, 2015

DFW expects to handle around one million passengers during July 4 celebrations

Like all gateways across the US, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is bracing itself for a busy July 4 weekend, with around a million passengers expected to use its facilties between Thursday and Monday night.

Nearly 200,000 passengers passed through DFW yesterday and the figure is expected to be repeated on Monday, making them the busiest travel days of this year's five day holiday period.

To provide a helping hand for newcomers and veteran travellers alike, the airport has re-introduced its Holiday Helpers programme.

The airport assures passengers that DFW employees will be staffing each terminal throughout the day, and will be providing directions, free gifts and a few extra smiles to help bring cheer to the holiday weekend.

The Texas gateway also provided a free porter service in its parking garage yesterday and has pledged to repeat it on Monday, July 6, from 8 am until noon.  

In total, DFW is preparing to host 934,000 travellers July 4th weekend, which would represent a 2.3% increase compared to the same travel period last year.

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