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NEWS Last modified on July 3, 2015


The most punctual airport in London has introduced new technology to aid the aircraft turnaround process – RATTS!

No, not the unwelcome kind that normally live in the sewers and only come out at night, but a new technology called The Real-Time Turnaround Tool (RATT).

Developed by Avtura it is a bespoke software system that operates on handheld devices, connecting all parties involved in bringing an aircraft to stand and preparing it for its next departure.

It works as a communications tool, joining up processes and giving everyone the right information at the right time.

The system is being introduced to assist in the proactive management of teams and resources, including ramp agents, dispatchers, fuellers, cleaners and stand planners.

Status alerts are pinged to each device as tasks get completed, so the control rooms know exactly where staff need to be and when, to complete their part in the process. 

RATTs will be used on each of the 18 stands at London City Airport (LCY).
So why has the airport which has consistently had the most flights on time and shortest average delay of any airport in the south east since 2012 investing in the new system?

According to LCY's director of ramp services, Lee Russell, the gateway doesn't want to rest on its laurels and is continuously investing in new technologies to make improvements,

“We have one of the best punctuality records in the business and are always striving for more," he says.

" The introduction of RATTs will help us to improve our turnaround process even more, ensuring everyone involved in the process has a clear, real-time picture of each aircraft, enabling them to plan and collaborate more efficiently.”

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