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NEWS Last modified on July 8, 2015

Mactan Cebu to invest in more IT solutions provided by Rockwell Collins

Mactan Cebu International Airport is to invest in more Rockwell Collins/ARINC solutions in a bid to enhance the passenger experience.

It is currently using ARINC vMUSE common-use passenger processing system (CUPPS) as well as the company's common-use self-service (CUSS) kiosks, and claims that it will soon implement many of its other solutions.

They are expected to include ARINC AirVue Flight Information Display System (FIDS), AirDB 7, the latest generation ARINC Airport Operational Database (AODB) system and ARINC BagLink, a baggage messaging server.

As part of the deployment, Rockwell Collins has teamed with Gunnebo AB to streamline the entire check-in process by implementing ARINC VeriPax on Gunnebo Security Group automated gates.

The gates will validate passenger flight details, enhancing security at the airport.

“Tourism is one of the major drivers of the Philippines' economy, so ensuring that travellers have a positive experience is critically important,” says Heament John Kurian, managing director, IMS Asia Pacific for Rockwell Collins.

“Using the latest self-service based technologies is enabling Cebu to become an IATA Fast Travel Airport, which is focused on providing more choices for passengers and lower costs for the industry.

"We are excited to help facilitate Cebu’s transition.”

Rockwell Collins’ airport systems management organisation, ARINC Managed Services, is responsible for the on-site maintenance and support of all the systems.

With this latest agreement, all of the common use airports in the Philippines are now using the ARINC common-use passenger processing platform (CUPPS) to provide a better travel experience for their passengers.

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