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NEWS Last modified on July 10, 2015

Work on Faro's new-look terminal to start in October

Faro Airport in Portual is 50 years old today, and operator ANA marked the occasion by unveiling ambitious plans to expand and remodel its passeger terminal.

The €32.8 million project will increase the size of the complex from 81,200sqm to 93,120sqm, allowing ANA to expand and update the terminal’s retail, security and operational facilities.

The revamp is expected to boost the airport’s capacity by speeding up passenger processing times in the terminal that will allow for quicker aircraft turnarounds and subsequently more aircraft movements.

In fact ANA is predicting that after the new, improved terminal opens in March 2017, Faro Airport will be able to process 3,000 passengers per hour compared to 2,400 today and accommodate up to 30 runway movements hourly compared to 24 per hour today.

Also on the cards are new car parks, access roads, kerbsides and landscape developments.

ANA adds that all will also ensure that the gateway, which primarily handles leisure traffic for people heading to the Algarve, has a modern new look and image.

Work on the terminal expansion project will be carried out by by Mota-Engil and is expected to start in October.

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