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NEWS Last modified on July 14, 2015

New Heinemann duty free shop opens at Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport and new duty free partner Heinemann have unveiled the first of six new duty free stores in Terminal 1 as part of an ongoing upgrade.

According to the airport, the newly designed 1,200sqm duty free store in Pier C Arrivals will showcase an extensive range of fragrances, cosmetics, wine, liquor and confectionery.

It has been designed by Gebr Heinemann’s in-house design team in collaboration with renowned Australian architectural firm, Geyer.

The store is said to be inspired by Sydney’s iconic landscapes "from the bush, through the suburbs, past the city fringe and out to the coastal regions" to effectively allow passengers to embark on a uniquely Australian retail journey as they make their way through the store.

Materials including timber and concrete tiles as well as environmentally-friendly LED lighting have been hand-selected along with unique display areas to transform the duty free space into an on-trend and exciting travel retail experience for international passengers arriving at Sydney Airport.
Gebr. Heinemann Opening Sydney Max Heinemann Kerrie Mather Gunnar Heinemann

The revised store layout includes larger orientation zones with wider, more direct pathways and improved wayfinding for passengers.

“As the world’s third largest travel retailer, Heinemann has impressed customers with their unique approach to the traditional duty free experience,” says Sydney Airport general manager retail Glyn Williams.

“It’s fantastic to see the first of six offerings now open at T1 and it’s a testament to the incredible work Sydney Airport and Heinemann have undertaken over the past five months.

“On completion, the Heinemann duty free offering at Sydney Airport will showcase an extensive range of new brands providing an exceptional passenger experience as we deliver four further stores in T1 Departures and another store in Arrivals, with all six stores expected to be completed and open by mid-2016.”

• Pictured above are Sydney Airport CEO, Kerrie Mather, with Gunnar (right) and Max Heinemann shortly after Heinemann commened operations at the airport in February 2015.

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