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NEWS Last modified on July 14, 2015

Manchester Airport's Runway Visitor Park praised by TripAdvisor

Manchester Airport could justifiably add itself to the UK's list of tourist attractions as its Runway Visitor Park has been awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for the second year running. 

It may never quite rival Westminster Abbey or Stonehenge on the must see list, but there is no denying the park's popularity as the award is presented for consistently achieving great reviews.

Recipients of the award are determined by taking into account the quality and quantity of the reviews and opinions submitted by travellers on TripAdvisor over a 12-month period.

And according to Manchester Airport, the award highlights the Runway Visitor Park’s commitment to delivering an exceptional visitor experience.

It allows visitors to watch planes take off and land at the UK’s third busiest airport and houses one of British Airways' old Concordes.

Expanded in 2002, the park also has a restaurant; children’s play area, aviation shop and old aircraft to view.

Robert Pattison, the Runway Visitor Park's manager, said: “It is great news that the efforts of the Runway Visitor Park have been recognised by TripAdvisor again.


"It offers a great value for money day out that is fun for all ages, and is the perfect place to visit during the summer holidays.”

TripAdvisor's president for business, Marc Charron, says: "TripAdvisor is pleased to honour exceptional hospitality businesses like Manchester Airport’s Runway Visitor Park that have received consistent praise and recognition by visitors on the site.”

The Runway Visitor Park is open from 8am every day until around dusk if you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about for yourself. 

Admission to the park is free with charges only for car parking and Concorde tours.

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