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San Antonio breaks ground on new consolidated car rental facility

Passengers will soon have access to a new 1.8 million square foot Consolidated Rental Car and Public Parking Facility (CONRAC) at San Antonio International Airport.

A ground breaking ceremony was held yesterday on the $165.6 million, seven-storey facility scheduled to be completed in March 2018 with the public levels set to open at an earlier date.

“The airport is critical to the growth of our city,” said San Antonio Mayor, Ivy Taylor. 

“It is important to invest in our infrastructure to ensure that we can continue to meet the needs of tomorrow’s travellers.” 

The CONRAC Facility will house up to 13 rental car companies in one centralised lobby, include a Quick Turn Around (QTA) facility for fueling, vacuuming, washing and light maintenance and provide new short-term public parking for passengers. 

According to the Texas gateway, the modern, efficient and environmentally friendly facility will provide an enhanced "first-class customer experience for travellers".

The airport's car rental agencies are located on or near the airport property. 
“Car rental customers are shuttled to rental agency locations, often inconveniencing or confusing them,” said aviation director, Frank Miller. 

“The new CONRAC will be located a few steps from the terminals so customers will save time, and the need for shuttle service will be eliminated. 

"Additionally, the facility will provide convenient short-term parking for travellers.”

The new complex is being funded through a Customer Facility Charge (CFC), paid only by individuals renting a vehicle at the airport. 

Miller said the project will infuse millions of dollars into San Antonio’s local small, minority, and women businesses, as the design for the facility includes a 34% small business participation goal and the construction portion includes participation goals of 31% for small businesses and 24% for minority/women businesses.

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